July 1, 2016 

Real estate investments

RREEF Property Trust leverages the breadth, experience and capabilities of Deutsche Asset Management’s real estate platform to bring an institutional investment approach to the individual investor.

Thursday, November 17, 2016 | 2:00 pm EDT

RREEF Property Trust -
Third Quarter Investor Update Call

Speaker: Jim Carbone

Participant Toll-Free Dial-In Number: (800) 374-0822
Conference Code: 4791318

Diversification by asset class or among real estate sectors does not necessarily protect against losses.

Current NAV As of: 24 Oct 2016

Class A
Class I
Class T
NAV Price Per Share $13.30 $13.40 $13.24
Distribution 4.84% 5.31% N/A


The distributions that we pay are uncertain and not guaranteed. The timing and amount of distributions is determined by our board of directors. We may pay distributions from sources other than cash flow from operations, including but not limited to, the proceeds of this offering, borrowings or the sale of properties or other investments For the year ended December 31, 2015, we paid distributions of $3,176,159, of which $1,833,584, or 56.2% of total distributions, was covered by cash flows from operations, $1,342,575, or 42.3% of total distributions, was paid through the issuance of shares pursuant to our distribution reinvestment plan, and $49,701, or 1.6% of the total distributions, was paid from borrowings. During each of the periods presented above, while distributions exceeded earnings, our expenses were supported by expense support payments from our advisor, which are subject to repayment in future periods and will reduce cash flows during those future periods. If our advisor had not made the expense support payments, a greater proportion of the distributions would have been funded from offering proceeds or borrowings, as applicable. For the three months ended March 31, 2016, we paid distributions of $1,040,922 including $407,009, or 39.1%, through the issuance of shares pursuant to our distribution reinvestment plan and $633,913, or 60.9%, in cash, all of which was covered by cash flows from operations.

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