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An attractive feature of RREEF Property Trust is our ability to determine the daily value of our real estate through an independent third party valuation expert. Combining this value with traded real estate securities and real estate loans helps determine the daily Net Asset Value ("NAV") of our shares. Deutsche Asset Management's daily real estate valuation methodology, currently being applied to more than $10 billion in assets across its institutional platform, combines a rigorous process of independent appraisals with ongoing analysis of key market and property-level data. The ability to price shares on a daily basis, which was once only available to institutional investors, is also available to individual investors through RREEF Property Trust.

Distribution History

Date Paid Monthly Distribution NAV Annualized Distribution Rate
28 Feb 2017 $0.01216 $13.40 4.78%
31 Jan 2017 $0.05387 $13.28 4.78%
31 Dec 2016 $0.05351 $13.27 4.77%
30 Nov 2016 $0.05183 $13.21 4.77%
31 Oct 2016 $0.05358 $13.21 4.77%
30 Sep 2016 $0.05153 $13.23 4.83%
31 Aug 2016 $0.05327 $12.99 4.80%
31 Jul 2016 $0.05323 $13.07 4.76%
30 Jun 2016 $0.05032 $13.18 4.70%
31 May 2016 $0.05198 $13.02 4.76%
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*For the year ended 12/31/16, we paid distributions of $4.5 million, of which  $2.6 million, or 58% of total distributions, was paid from cash flow from operations and $1.9 million, or 42% of total distributions, was paid through the issuance of shares pursuant to our distribution reinvestment plan. Distributions exceeded earnings, our expenses were supported by expense support payments from our advisor, which are subject to repayment in future periods and will reduce cash flows during those future periods. If our advisor had not made the expense support payments, a greater proportion of the distributions would have been funded from offering proceeds or borrowings. Distributions paid from sources other than cash flow from operations may not be sustainable. 

The Company's board of directors has authorized a daily distribution based on 365 days in the calendar year. The monthly distribution amount represents the sum of all daily distributions for the particular month. The daily distribution amount for each class of outstanding common stock will be calculated by beginning with the single rate declared by the board, and then adjusting that rate by use of the record-share method to account for the impact of any class-specific expenses. As a result, from day to day, the per share daily distribution rate for each outstanding class of common stock may be higher or lower based on the class specific expenses on that day. During the distribution period, the distributions will be payable to stockholders of record as of the close of business on each day of the period and the distributions will be paid monthly in arrears.

The annualized distribution rate is calculated as the monthly distribution amount shown for a given month, divided by the number of days in that month, multiplied by the number of days in the current year, and divided by the NAV per share on the date the distributions were paid. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

The Company has a limited operating history. As a result, an investment in the Company is speculative. In addition, investors will not acquire an interest in the Company's advisor.

Effective February 8, 2017 there were no Class T shares outstanding.


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